28 Aug 21:58
3 years ago
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# nsv

i noticed a couple days ago that my boobs stick out farther than my stomach now.

like, when i’m wearing a shirt its baggy over the front of my stomach. and i’m bloated right now because its almost shark week so my boobs get HUUUUGEE and my pants don’t fit but this week my pants fit fine and i look sexy.

also, today i wore my brand new incubus concert shirt that i washed and dried because it was so DISGUSTING after the show, and it shrunk. and it still looks damn good on me. men’s medium wuddup.

anyway, so today i wore my shirt with my boyfriend to the German American Festival in goooood ole Oregon, Ohio. we were hanging around his family all day and then we decided to go off on our own and walk around for a bit and as soon as we were away from them Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me close and says, “You look really sexy. really, you look so thin.” and i was just wearing jeans and my stupid concert tee.

NSV’s all around.

and sorry this doesn’t make any sense i’m just ranting wutevaaa <3 <3 <3

8 Jul 1:38
3 years ago
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shark week? puh leasseee


down 2lbs!

i try really hard not to weigh myself the week before shark week because i’m so bloated and bingey, but i dropped two lbs since my last weigh in!

check out my progress blog, healthytimewithtrishprogress.tumblr.com, i just wore an outfit today that i know i have a picture of me in from before, i’ll post a side-by-side in a few!

28 Jun 18:49
3 years ago
ok but really, progress blog

just made it.


no password for now, i’ll see later if its necessary to put one on

22 Jun 3:04
3 years ago
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weighed myself


11 Jun 2:13
3 years ago
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# me

hi everyone, i’m tricia’s waist.

its been a while since i’ve been around, but its really nice to meet you.

i think i need a smaller work shirt.

10 Jun 4:01
3 years ago
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WEIGH IN: i seriously don’t even mind shark week. (in terms of weight loss)

at the beginning i was at 190 and i was disappointed in myself for plateuing already at my first goal of 190.

now its almost the end of shark week and i got on the scale attttttt 186

suck it, sharks.

8 Jun 16:42
3 years ago
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couldn’t wait to post it.

the middle picture doesn’t even do it justice how baggy that shirt is on me.

6 Jun 14:41
3 years ago
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went to the doctor today, guess i must have blocked this out of my memory last year?

i got on the scale at the doctor’s office and it said 192

(i had a feeling my boyfriend’s scale was a little off, 2 pounds off it is. now i will know)

anyway the nurse said “wow good job, do you know how much you weighed last year?”

and i was like “no, how much?”


holy shitballs.

that was when i was a senior in high school, before i even moved away to college, and i know i gained weight while i was there too.

so my “heaviest weight of 205” is wayyy off. that’s how much i weighed after i started working out at the rec center, and after putting on tons of weight at school.

anyway, i’ve lost 27 net pounds since last year (i’m guessing i put on and lost 10 at school)

i just think its hilarious that i don’t even remember weighing 219. i was in serious weight denial. i’m not even embarassed to tell people i weigh 190 now. i’m really really proud.

25 May 0:51
3 years ago
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# me

progress. down 15 pounds. is there a difference?

my hair is always and will continue to be a mess for forever.

and i always make stupid faces.

but i think my (stupid) face looks thinner?

24 May 19:07
3 years ago
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# me

hit 190, get pretty dress, check check

23 May 0:27
3 years ago
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today was wonderful

well, first of all, it started stupidly. i woke up while i was in the middle of dreaming and throwing my nose ring across the room. cute right?

but then i went to my boyfriends house.

remember that story i posted a while back about his friend who said i got fat? here’s a link for ya if you wanna read it. anyway today he was at Chris’s house and i was wearing shorts and extremely self conscious the entire time and then we went to eat and i felt even worse but then he left and it was just me and Chris. he’s so wonderful, seriously. anyway so the first thing he said when we were alone was “damn. i really like those shorts on you.”

seriously though. i could have died. “REALLY?!!? TELL ME AGAIN. TELL ME EVERY TWO MINUTES DEAR GOD REALLY?!?!”

so i weighed myself at his house and i was 

190 pounds.

me. 190.

i haven’t been 190 since like, summer 09


anyway so then…. yeah…. me and my boyfriend were…. enjoying each other’s company.

and afterword he said “you really look great. i can tell you’ve lost weight”


i totally forgot about any self conscious thought i’ve ever had and i’m so happy right now. really <3